Business Scope

Big data acquisition

Uber Data system is a powerful big Data fusion. The analysis and visualization platform adopts independently developed data acquisition system to support the development of operational intelligent platform

Big data resources

As the assets of enterprises, how to use data will be the core issue. Uber Data on the target Data source of the custom network information collection, extraction, mining, processing, for all kinds of information service system to provide the Data input, services to domestic and foreign companies, large Data processing ability, multi-threaded concurrent, artificial intelligence study, task automation.

Big data analysis

User options can be found through a series of analysis of complex connection and explore the various relationships in the data, including the graphic visualization, the full text search, dynamic histogram, interactive geographic space view and share real-time collaborative work space. Uber Data system can be specialized in Internet Data capture, processing, analysis and mining.

API service

Collected at home and abroad application development the Android/IOS API and SDK, involves the design, development, operations management, cloud services, app promotion, five categories of services such as data service, provide the most comprehensive, the most convenient API search service.

Technical Advantages

Mass data

using the storage and computing power of computer clusters, it not only expands in performance, but also improves its ability to handle large amounts of incoming data streams.

Quick retrieval

users query immediately and get the results immediately. A stable background system provides this technical guarantee.

Stable and convenient

users can get any data from any website, whether static or dynamic, and it becomes very easy to get data.

Precision and efficiency

the retrieved results are generated according to the specific requirements of users, and the data is filtered and verified according to the requirements of users.

Scope Of Service

The government

Reduce institutional inefficiency and identify growth opportunities
Improve real-time decision-making and operational intelligence to reduce waste, fraud and abuse
Make full use of big data and visual data integration and strong predictive analysis
Access prediction capability to improve agent task performance


Build intelligent supply chain that responds to production and demand signals
Segment the market and understand customers' purchasing behavior
Implement market-driven pricing and promotion strategies
Closely monitor business and monitor controllable costs and capital expenditures
Ensure field implementation is consistent with corporate strategy

The electronic commerce

The whole network product information collection, product material acquisition
Guide new product launch strategy by analyzing product price and sales volume
Construction and maintenance of cloud comment system
E-commerce channel distribution


Use customer data to identify new cross-selling and growth opportunities.
Simplify the analysis process and eliminate the need for counteraction steps, professional resources, and overall complexity.
Strengthening risk management systems through seamless big data integration to provide broader and deeper data analysis and reporting.
Ensure compliance and rapid detection of fraud to prevent abuse and curb money laundering.
Analyze the behavior of complex market risk models, explore complex financial instruments, and determine the forecast of future investment.

Real-time data

Real-time stock information analysis
Real-time air ticket data collection
Hotel, business information collection
Group purchase, second kill and other marketing data collection

About us

UD Data

Uber Data is mainly committed to integrating Data resources, optimizing and upgrading Data collection. Based on massive amounts of data flow and the fusion, through to the personal data collection, such as id card number, face, nationality, id, phone number, work conditions, such as intelligent decision-making tools and services for brand enterprise.
Engine main business scope is divided into data acquisition, data resources, such as graphic database module, with independent research and development of data acquisition and evaluation system, supplemented by comprehensive professional technology support, visually presents the huge amounts of data, realize the data resources in the box, namely scenario for big data applications, all channels to enhance business value, service in all walks of life to lay the solid foundation.

At the same time, the Uber Data of Data acquisition with Data selection, processing, export basic application, the system also has the functions such as comprehensive collection, stable storage and rapid retrieval characteristics, huge amounts of rich Data types, stable and accurate Data system, real-time acquisition timely present strong effect, for the Uber Data business provides a professional and stable commercial value of Data and efficient user experience.


  • FROM RMB 0.1

    The first application is sent 10 times

    RMB 0.1
    RMB 80
    Id card OCR identification
  • The function supports the identification of key fields on the front and back of the second-generation identity CARDS, including name, gender, nationality, date of birth, address, identity card number, issuing authority and validity period. The identification accuracy can reach more than 98%, which can be applied to the identification of remote and e-commerce businesses and other different scenes.

  • FROM RMB 9

    The first application is sent 10 times

    RMB 9
    RMB 450
    SMS API service
  • Professional SMS sending platform, functions support SMS verification code/SMS notification/marketing promotion SMS/international SMS services, 3 seconds must reach, 10 minutes access, all self-service. As low as ¥ 3.7.

  • FROM RMB 49

    The first application is sent 10 times

    RMB 49
    RMB 99
    Bank card category inquiry
  • The function can judge the authenticity according to the bank card number, and provide comprehensive information such as inquiry type, logo and customer service telephone.

  • FROM RMB 450

    The first application is sent 10 times

    RMB 450
    RMB 4000
    Three network mobile phone real-name system certification
  • The function can check whether the name, id card and mobile phone number are consistent through mobile phone number, and support mobile/telecom/unicom number.


Uber Data

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